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Robin-Wood is owned by Chad & Shannon Ellis & Family of Chrisman, Illinois. For over twenty-five years we have strived to breed quality LaManchas that perform well in big or small herds, whether their purpose is for dairy production, exhibition, or just the typical family goat. We also focus on longevity and strength; some of our does will mature slowly, but their feet and legs will remain solid well into their later years.


Our primary interest is in exhibition. We try to attend several open shows every year and are excited that we pick up a grand and/or reserve at almost every show we attend. Because not every goat can win at each show, we try to post all the goats' show records on our site, not just their firsts or seconds.


We try to maintain a small herd (approximately 20-25 animals), so we have quality animals for sale every year. If you have any questions about potential purchases, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be honest about every animal’s strengths and weaknesses.


We invite you to browse our website and get to know our herd. Thank you for your interest!

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Robin-Wood LaManchas

26985 N. 1680th St.

Chrisman, IL 61924


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